The BullyHarness really is the ultimate spiked collar. It can be used alone for maximum neck protection or together with the BullyVest. Click Here to learn how the BullyHarness and BullyVest can work together.

The main feature of the BullyHarness is a sturdy Velcro band that encircles the entire neck and creates a platform where any arrangement of spikes can be attached. The Velcro holds the spikes high and stiff and is attached to a stab-resistant skirt that helps protect the lower part of the neck. We include enough spikes to cover the entire neck 360 degrees but you can add or subtract spikes as you like.

To use the BullyHarness you adjust the large Velcro band that forms the collar one time. By repositioning the Velcro you can tighten or loosen the collar so that it's as small as possible but can still be comfortably slipped over your dogs head. Therefore it should only be used on dogs that don't mind having a harness slipped over their head.

Once your dog is wearing the BullyHarness it can be used alone as a spiked collar or you can attach the included chest-strap and waist-band to create a comfortable and secure harness. Click Here to read the BullyHarness instructions and learn exactly how it works.

Choosing a Size

Please note: If you're using the BullyHarness with the BullyVest both sizes must be the same. In this case you should first choose the correct size BullyVest based on your dogs back length and then order the same size BullyHarness.

The BullyHarness is slipped on and off over your dogs head so the correct size depends on the circumference of your dogs head. The easiest way to determine this is to use some kind of strap (belt, leash, etc) to create a loop in your hands and try slipping it over your dogs head. Once you have the loop as small as possible let go of the end and measure how long the strap is.

Once you have the head circumference choose the correct size harness from the table below. Make sure your measurement falls within the given range. If your measurement falls within two different ranges you should also consider the length of your dogs neck and choose a wider or thinner collar width. If your purchasing as a gift we do offer gift cards that can help keep your secret.

BullyHarness Size Maximum Head Circumference (inches) Collar Width (inches) Weight (lbs)*
10" - 12" 1" 2 - 5
X-Small 11" - 13" 1" 5 - 7
Small 12" - 15" 1.5" 6 - 12
13" - 16" 2" 10 - 28
* The head circumference is the most important measurement. Use the Weight range to help choose but the weight of different breeds varies significantly.