Bully Harness Instructions

How to adjust the BullyHarness

How to use the BullyHarness with the BullyVest

How to assemble the BullyHarness

Download and Print Instructions

When you receive your new BullyHarness it will be partially assembled and look like this (size medium):

If you take it all apart you will see the individual pieces shown here with labels:


Step 1. Adjust the collar to fit your dog. You want the collar as tight as possible but still easy to slip on/off. If it hurts your dog then it’s too tight.

Step 2. Attach the spikes any way you like. If you have extra spikes just cut the spike strip to remove any unwanted spikes.


If you want to use the BullyHarness as a simple spiked collar just slip the collar over your dogs’ head and attach a leash to the D-ring. Please be careful using the BullyHarness this way if your dog tends to pull backwards because they could easily slip out the collar. Also, when worn without a leash the collar may spin on your dogs’ neck such that the D-ring ends up at the bottom. To prevent these issues use the BullyHarness as a proper harness by continuing with the next step.

Step 3. Add the neck strap to the lower loops on the collar. Slip the neck strap through both loops, double back and pass the loose end through the plastic glider. Adjust the strap so it is just snug against the lower loops but not so tight that it causes the collar skirt to bunch up.

Step 4. Add the metal glider to the Chest strap.

Step 5. Pass the Chest Strap under the neck strap.  

Step 6. Double the Chest strap back and pass through the metal glider again.

Step 7. Pass the waist strap through the loop on the end of the chest strap.

Step 8. Now place the harness on your dog by slipping it over their head. Pull the waist strap up and pass it through the loop near the metal Dring on the collar. Adjust the waist strap so that it fits your dog snug around their waste.

The BullyHarness is now ready to use. To take it off just disconnect the waste strap and pull it out of the loop near the D-ring then you can slip the collar back off your dogs’ head.