Bully System

The BullyVest and BullyHarness are designed to work separately or together and provide your dog with maximum protection while still being comfortable and practical to wear.

For the ultimate complete neck and body protection the BullyHarness and BullyVest are designed to be used together. In this case the BullyHarness is attached to the BullyVest and becomes part of it. To put it on your dog you just slip the Velcro collar over the neck and then snap the waist band. It's remarkably easy to take on and off and provides a lot of protection when it's on. 

The BullyHarness can be used alone as a spike collar or as a step through harness. The spikes are attached with Velcro and it comes with enough spikes to cover the neck all the way around.  It's constructed with a sturdy Velcro band that's easily adjusted to slip on and off over your dogs head. It includes a D-ring leash attachment and can be used as a slip-on spiked collar. It also comes with a chest strap and waste strap and can be used as a step through harness.

To learn exactly how the BullyHarness works click here to read the instructions.

The BullyVest can be used alone as protective vest for the back and torso or together with the BullyHarness or any other spiked collar. It uses two very adjustable nylon straps and two snap-buckles to stay on -- one for the chest and one for the neck.