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This video clip was taken with a GoPro on "Poodle Day" when there were about 500 excited poodles on Carmel beach at one time! There is a large brown Poodle that is frustrated with our dog, Cody, because he always gets the ball first. When the poodle tries to dominate Cody by biting him in the neck -- he gets a mouth full of CoyoteVest spikes instead!

Obviously we are very happy that neither dog was injured whatsoever during this encounter, and we are also happy to have this video showing just how effective the CoyoteVest's spiked collar really is.

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Paul's Interview about Buffy

"When I think about how she died, how I failed to protect her, how any number of decisions I made that day could have changed the outcome. It's a kind of sorrow and grief I have never experienced before. I know I will never be the same person again. My innocence has been shattered. All I can say is if you love your dog you should let them know as often as you can and you should enjoy their company as often as you can. And if you have small dogs please be very afraid of Coyotes. Like the Angel of death they come with no warning." - Paul Mott


You have left my life but will never leave my heart.