Frequently Asked Questions

Washing and Care Instructions

If the vest gets dirty you can wipe it by hand with water or a mild detergent and lay it out flat to air dry. Do not wash it in a machine!  Never put in a Dryer, lay flat!

The CoyoteVest is made with aramid fibers that are sensitive to UV radiation and will break down over time. To increase the life of the CoyoteVest do not store it in direct sunlight. 

If you remove the CoyoteWhiskers store them carefully so they won't get distorted. We suggest leaving them on the vest and then hanging the vest on the wall with a CoyoteClip.

How to Use the Accessories, etc.

We have 20+  short videos "How To" . These videos will help in applying the accessories and using the products properly. You can find the "How To" videos at the top of the Home page of website. Here is a link:

Where can I find Testimonials & Reviews?

On the home page of this website at the top.  We are getting so many testimonials and reviews we cannot keep up, so we also recommend checking out social media.

How to contact CoyoteVest?

You can reach us at, or give us a call M-F 8-3 pm PST, We are here to help.

Are you open on the Weekend?

CoyoteVest is closed on Weekends and Holidays

Do you have Retail locations?

Yes you can find our retail locations on the home page of our website at the bottom of the page.  The purpose of the Retail location is for our customers being able to purchase on location. Retailers cannot sell CoyoteVest on line.

Are all the products listed in the FAQ?

No, we have many products. Go to shop on our Website and click on the product you would like to see.  We have lots of information, sizing chart & carousel of furry friends wearing the gear that was clicked on.

Who can sell CoyoteVest on line? Don't be Scammed. - We carry the whole line of products

Amazon in CoyoteVest store - Carries partial line (not the complete line)

*There is a lot of scams/fraud now. If another company is selling CoyoteVest products from their website it is a scam* We would appreciate you notifying us.

All discounts from a 2nd party will be referring customers to go directly to

Why don't you make an XL for Big Dogs?

We love all dogs big and small.  Unfortunately at this time we have stab-resistant vests for 2 lbs - approx 60 lbs (depending on measurements).

If your dog weighs more than 50-60  lbs or a 23 inch back (our large has a 20 inch back) then we would recommend the Spiked Collar for Big Dogs or the Studded Collar for Big Dogs. This would help give your furry friend protection around the neck, where the more severe injuries occur. Measure the neck circumference.
Here is a link to our Big Dog Collars:


Which should I choose CoyoteVest or SpikeVest

We have two main types of vests: the CoyoteVest and the SpikeVest. The choice is entirely up to you as both stab-resistant vests help protect against coyotes, aggressive dogs, and birds of prey.
Both Designs are made with stab-resistant material that helps protect the most targeted areas and also provide a line of defense with its removable spikes.
(The XXS & Small are slightly different in lengths so please check sizing chart.)
The main difference between the two:
  • CoyoteVest has a 3-prong sturdy buckle attachment and has a long nylon web strap that makes it more adjustable.
  • SpikeVest is designed with a Velcro band that wraps around the throat and stomach and can adjust to approximately 6-8 inches, depending on the size. Many dogs that have been clinically diagnosed by a veterinarian to have a trachea problem may get the SpikeVest.
  • *Veterinarians world wide have purchased both styles of stab-resistant vests.
Check out our Extension strap for the SpikeVest as well as a Stay Strap (accessory).
  • Extension strap:
  • Stay Strap:
What is your 3rd Style of Stab-Resistant Vest?
Our latest design is our BullyVest and BullyHarness. If you get the BullyVest we recommend either the BullyHarness or CoyoteCollar. It is very important to protect the neck.
I'm Worried About Birds, what should I get?
  • Stab-Resistant Vest - CoyoteVest, SpikeVest Or BullyVest &   BullyHarness, which includes the spikes (2) on each side of back and spikes on collar
  • CoyoteWhiskers
  • HawkEyes
  • For Extra Protection we have the HawkShield
  • Pee Light or LED Safety Light - for Safety at night

I'm Worried About Aggressive Dogs, what should I get?

  • Stab-Resistant Vest - CoyoteVest, SpikeVest or BullyVest & BullyHarness, which includes the spikes (2) on each side of back and the collar spikes.
  • Extra Spike Strip down the middle of the back (you can purchase extra spike strips on our website)  Link:
  • Add a CoyoteCollar to go over the Stab-resistant vest or a Throat Guard

I'm not sure if I got the right size for my pet?

We know how important it is to keep your fur baby protected, so if you would like to send us a picture of your dog or cat in gear

  • Standing, Side-View, Full Body the side where the waist strap attaches
  • We have fitted over 100,000 furry friends so we can tell a lot from a picture!

What If I use a Harness.

  • The D Ring is placed at the top of the back on the stab-resistant vest, which can be used like a Harness.
  • If you prefer the D ring to be further down the back, we recommend a slim Harness that can be worn right over the stab-resistant vest. Go to shop or link:
  • The BullyVest design has a slit in the back, so you can use a harness under the stab-resistant vest.
  • Our latest design accessory is our Harness Accessory that can attach to our SpikeVest or CoyoteVest XXS - Medium. Very easy to use & revolutionary!

Which Stab-Resistant Vest should I get for hot weather?

  • The SpikeVest, CoyoteVest, BullyVest designs are extremely light weight.  All 3 vests can be dipped in water and placed on the dog light a cooling vest.
  • If preferred, put a cooling vest under our Stab-Resistant Vests.
  • Our Stab-Resistant vests are water-proof and can be worn in water.

Which Stab-Resistant Vest should I get for cold weather?

  • Check out our new Fleece liners made by CoyoteVest.  
  • Put the liner on the place your Stab-Resistant vest over the liner.
  • Or if you prefer use your own liner.



Do you make them for other animals?

Not specifically, however, if the vest fits -- wear it! 

What size should I get?

Under each product, scroll down the page and you will see information regarding how to measure and a sizing chart.

*Measure your pet standing, Neck, chest and waist circumference & the back length from the shoulder to before the tail.  Do not follow the body but place the measuring tape or ruler straight above your pets back.

I cannot afford to buy a Stab-Resistant Vest, what can I do?

  • Slight Blemish for discount: We do have some Stab-Resistant Vest that may have a slight blemish or varying degrees of a blemish.  Some are only noticeable to a trained eye.
  • If we know the size you need we can let you know what colors and style we have in stock and what we can sell the item for.*Note, these are only visual blemishes and will not affect the integrity of safety.
  • Shop Pay at check out. 4 payments via Shop Pay agreement. Rates from 0%-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments, are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers Please see Return policy using Shop Pay.

 Has the Stab-Resistant vest been tested?

  • The patented stab-resistant vest has been tested by the police department K9 unit and pressure tested. You can find videos on our home page of our website (bottom of the page).
  • Testimonials & review on our website as well as other media & social media channels.  We have now received so many Testimonial & reviews that we have not keep up on our website.
  • We are endorsed by Veterinarians worldwide who not only use CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor for their own dogs but to educate their clients on how to be prepared against a coyote, aggressive dog or birds of prey attack.
  • Being "Prepared" is CoyoteVest motto.  It only takes a second to seriously injure or kill a pet.
  • CoyoteVest pet body armor is for intervention




How does the CoyoteZapper work?

NOTE: The CoyoteZapper is an accessory and attaches to the Small & Medium size CoyoteVest only.  It can not be used with the SpikeVest.

The CoyoteZapper uses a dog training collar that was originally designed to shock your dog in the neck for training purposes. The electrical shock is harmless but painful and is only delivered when you push a button on a wireless remote control. The CoyoteZapper insulates the training collar so that it does not shock your dog on the neck and your dog will feel nothing when you push the button on the remote. Instead, the voltage is directed to electrically conductive cloth rails that are mounted along the length of the vest. Anything that is touching both of the rails at the same time will feel the shock.

Click Here for the CoyoteZapper Instructions 

Click Here to watch a video that shows how to setup the Coyotezapper

Do you have social media?

Yes, and we would love to interact with you!
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How do I receive updates new products and promotions?

Follow us on social media where will be posting updates and subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page.



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Returns and Exchanges

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How do I Return/Exchange a Package

Customers Domestic & International!

Very simple to Exchange or Return.  All you need is the order number and your email address on that order.  Here is a link: 

  • Click Here to Return or Exchange an Item (re:do)
  • If you purchased the $2 returns + exchange protection (re:do) at the original time of checkout, there is no cost to return the package for store credit or an exchange. Otherwise the cost of the return shipping label will be deducted from your refund.

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