Poster Request

Our mission at CoyoteVest is to help save lives. But first we have to let pet owners know that our solution exists, so we really appreciate it when our supporters help spread the word. As a professional Veterinarian you have the special ability to help us reach many pet owners. You have direct knowledge about the threat of predators in your community, and you have direct contact with the pets that are at most risk.

The simple act of placing a CoyoteVest poster in your office, or handing out a brochure, could actually save a life, so we're extremely grateful you're willing to help.

Our free Veterinarian Poster kit includes:

  • A CoyoteVest poster for display in the lobby.
  • A stack of CoyoteVest brochures to hand out.
  • A stack of CoyoteVest business cards to hand out.

Please send an email to with your shipping information and we'll send out a kit right away. In your email, please include the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Complete Address 
  • Type of Business (private office, hospital, etc.)
  • Website URL (if available)

 Thank you from Team CoyoteVest!