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The CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, SpikeHarness, BullyVest, and BullyHarness come with a full set of CoyoteSpikes, but if you want more or need a replacement you can purchase them here individually. The spikes are placed 1" apart so the number of spikes on a strip will be the same as the length in inches. 

 Vest Size Length of Back Strip
Large 16"
Medium 12"
Small 10"
Extra Small 8"
Mini 7"
-all sizes- 3" used on the collar

The spikes are available in the standard bright silver chrome finish or a special limited edition dark chrome finish.  We also have a limited supply of black chrome spikes remaining. 

*The CoyoteSpikes are to be used specifically with CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor products.