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* Check sizing Chart for Middle Velcro strip length*  The CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, SpikeHarness, BullyVest, and BullyHarness come with a full set of CoyoteSpikes, but if you want more or need a replacement you can purchase them here individually. The spikes are placed 1" apart so the number of spikes on a strip will be the same as the length in inches. 

 Vest Size Length of Side Back Strips (2) Length of Center Back Strip (1)
Large 16" 12"
Medium 12" 10"
Small 10" 8"
Extra Small 8" 6"
Mini 7" 6"
-all sizes- 3" used on the collar

The spikes are available in the standard bright silver chrome finish or a special limited edition dark chrome finish.  We also have a limited supply of black chrome spikes remaining. 

*The CoyoteSpikes are to be used specifically with CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor products.