Canine SpikeVest

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The SpikeVest is similar to the original CoyoteVest but it uses Velcro instead of snap buckles and provides more coverage. It is designed to keep the peace and help prevent your small dog from being attacked by a coyote or aggressive dog. The SpikeVest covers the back and the neck with an array of 1" spikes that makes it much more difficult for a larger dog to successfully attack or dominate your smaller dog.

The SpikeVest is entirely constructed with a super tough puncture resistant ballistic nylon that can resist sharp canine teeth and features a Kevlar® reinforced collar to provide maximum protection for the back of the neck. It wraps around your dog easily and stays snug and secure with two wide Velcro belts. A leash can be attached to the d-ring fixed at the top of the vest and the reflective features make your dog more visible at night. The SpikeVest includes a full set of removable CoyoteSpikes and also works perfectly with our CoyoteWhiskers.

The CoyoteSpikes are made from chrome plated hard plastic (metal spikes would be too heavy). The spikes are not razor sharp but they are sharp enough to hurt if you apply a lot of pressure and they play a key role in protecting your dog from predators and aggressive dogs. We don't recommend using the spikes when your dog is wrestling with other dogs or children because there is always a possibility someone could get accidentally poked. And if your dog likes to rub against your shiny new car it may get scratched. Velcro makes it easy to remove the spikes whenever you don't want them.

Even though the SpikeVest is very difficult to puncture, it is lightweight and comfortable for your dog to wear. The flexible fabric is water repellent but can hold some moisture for a while if it is worn in the water. There are no metal parts used in the SpikeVest so there is nothing that can rust. The vest is hand-washable with a mild detergent.

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