CoyoteVest vs SpikeVest

If you're having trouble choosing between the original CoyoteVest and the newer SpikeVest, below is a guide that might help you with your decision.

CoyoteVest vs SpikeVest

Keep in mind that both vest styles provide stab-resistant protection for the areas of your dog that are at most risk during an attack, and both vests include spikes for the neck and the back and they both work with CoyoteWhiskers and the HawkShield. The main difference between the two vest styles is that the CoyoteVest uses snap buckles and the SpikeVest uses Velcro. Here are some of the reasons why you might prefer one style over the other:  


CoyoteVest is better

SpikeVest is better

Your dog hates the sound of velcro.


You have trouble with plastic snap buckles.


Your dog has a trachea problem. X


Some other considerations:

The straps on the CoyoteVest are adjustable from very small to very large and should fit any neck or waste size.

The Velcro flaps on the SpikeVest are limited by the amount they can overlap, so if your dog is very thin they may need a stay strap or if they are very thick they may need an extender.

We use the highest military grade Velcro on the SpikeVest -- but it can get dirty and clogged depending on how it's used, so you may need to clean it periodically, and even the best Velcro does not last forever so it will eventually wear out.

The original CoyoteVest has specially woven aramid side-panels that protect areas that are most likely to be injured during an attack. The SpikeVest covers more area (belly and throat) and is made entirely with a specially coated ballistic nylon. Both of these materials were originally invented by DuPont and they are both extremely tough materials that are stab-resistant.