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Birds of prey are a serious threat to small animals. Unlike a coyote that attacks with canine teeth, a raptor uses sharp talons to attack from above. Once the victim is under control it's carried away never to return. This is a terrifying scenario so we created an accessory that has the potential to help your dog survive a bird attack.

Our patented HawkShield attaches to the back of the CoyoteVest or SpikeVest with Velcro and it's very lightweight and does not affect comfort or mobility. It's made with three layers of stab-resistant Kevlar® and it's extremely difficult to puncture. 

The purpose of the HawkShield is to reduce the chance of being stabbed in the back by a raptor.  Our testing shows that the HawkShield is capable of withstanding a violent strike by sharp talons. Watch our Kevlar® demonstration video to learn more.

The HawkShield attaches to a vest with just enough Velcro to keep it securely in place while allowing it to release easily. If a bird tries to grab the vest and fly away, the first thing they can grab is the shield. As soon as the bird tries to lift off the weight of the dog will cause the shield to release. The bird gets to keep the shield and the dog gets a chance to escape.

The top of the HawkShield repeats the same Velcro platform as the vest so that the spikes and accessories can be re-attached. We recommend using CoyoteWhiskers (sold separately) to help prevent birds of prey from attacking.

The HawkShield is available in different sizes to match the different size vests. Please order the same size as the vest it will be used on. 

CoyoteVest / SpikeVest HawkShield
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Note: This is the HawkShield ONLY, the Vest & Whiskers are ordered separately.