Keep Innovating!

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Keep Innovating!

It's been almost five years since we came out with our original CoyoteVest and three years since we expanded our offering with the SpikeVest. Along the way we also came out with the SpikeHarness and Everyday Spiked Collar. These products have proven to be very effective and we still feel the design of each one is perfect for what they are intended to do.

Nevertheless we're always paying attention to customer feedback and thinking of ways to create new products that work well and meet expectations. One of the most common things some customers have asked for is spikes all the way around the neck and more coverage on the underside. While others want a vest with no collar at all and the flexibility to work with their favorite harness.

So we took this feedback into account, did a lot of dreaming and R&D,  and came up with a new design that is actually two new products that work together to meet these requirements.  We call these new products the BullyVest and the BullyHarness. They are designed to be comfortable and practical for everyday use and help protect vulnerable dogs during an actual attack by an aggressive dog or predator.  

Please know that we did not choose these names to single out a single breed -- we love all dogs big and small. The definition of a bully is one who seeks to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone perceived as vulnerable. We chose these names because our goal with the BullyVest and BullyHarness is to help protect vulnerable dogs from being harmed by any creature that is trying to bully them. Nobody likes a bully, especially your dog.


Our new BullyVest is halfway between a CoyoteVest and a SpikeVest except it has no collar and is priced lower at $69.95. It uses snap buckles like the CoyoteVest but has belly and throat flaps like the SpikeVest and it's compatible with our other accessories like the CoyoteWhiskers and HawkShield. As usual it's made with stab-resistant materials, comes with removable spike strips, and has great styling and reflective features.

Unlike our other vests the BullyVest does not have a built-in collar; but the BullyVest is very easy to put on, offers great protection for the torso, and it works well with your existing collar or harness.  To add neck protection you can use it with one of our Everyday Spiked Collars (shown above) or with the matching BullyHarness.



The BullyHarness really is the ultimate spiked collar and is priced at $49.95. It can be used alone for maximum neck protection or together with the BullyVest.  It works by encircling the entire neck with a sturdy Velcro band where spikes can be attached. The spikes are held high and stiff and there is a stab-resistant skirt that helps protect the lower part of the neck. We include enough spikes to cover the entire neck 360 degrees but you can add or subtract spikes as you like. To use the BullyHarness you adjust the Velcro band so that you can easily slip it over your dogs head. You can use the Velcro band alone as a collar (left picture) or attach the included chest-strap and waist-band to create a comfortable and secure harness (right picture). 

For the ultimate complete neck and body protection the BullyHarness and BullyVest are designed to be used together (top-most picture). In the case the BullyHarness is attached to the BullyVest and to put it on your dog you just slip the Velcro collar over the neck and then snap the waist band. It's remarkably easy to take on and off.

We expect the CoyoteVest and the SpikeVest will continue to be very popular because they still offer the best possible combination of comfort, easy on/off, and protection for the most vulnerable areas. But for those customers who want even more -- when the BullyVest and the BullyHarness are used together the result is our most protective system. And when used alone or separately they provide flexibility and excellent protection for a great value. If either one of them can help save a single life, then we know we have made a difference to that family. That's why we keep innovating all the time.