What's the biggest threat?

The most common way coyotes kill is by grabbing their prey around the neck and shaking. This violent action is intended to break the neck of their prey and end the struggle immediately. Similarly, when domestic dogs scuffle they try to gain control of their opponent by going for the neck.

Protect against neck bites with a CoyoteCollar™

The CoyoteCollar has outrageous 1" battle ready spikes. If a predator tries to bite this collar -- it will bite back! The "neck bite/death shake" scenario is off the table.

The oldest trick in the book?

Spiked collars have been used to protect dogs for a very long time. However, most of the collars on the market today are more about style and less about function. So we did a lot of research trying to come up with the perfect "everyday" spiked collar that meets the following requirements:

  • Serious Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Easy On/Off
  • Highly adjustable to get a perfect fit
  • Super comfortable for the dog
  • Durable and easy to clean

The requirement to be waterproof essentially restricts the choice of material to nylon webbing. After much trial and error we found the best way to meet our requirements is to attach the spikes to the nylon webbing using a special type of stiff double sided Velcro. The result is an adjustable collar so easy to use and so comfortable that you will use it often -- and hopefully be using it in the event it is ever needed to protect your dog from an unexpected attack.

The CoyoteCollar can also be used with the CoyoteVest or the SpikeVest. It can be used as a throat guard underneath the vest - simply remove spikes until there is just enough to cover the throat while wearing the vest - afterwards you can put the spikes back on for full neck coverage. You can also use it on top of the vest (as shown below) to have additional throat protection and more spikes around the neck. If you want to use it on top of the vest be sure and measure the neck circumference with the vest and then order a size large enough to fit.

CoyoteVest SpikeVest

Sizing Guide

Our CoyoteCollar comes in three sizes each with enough spikes to cover the maximum size listed in the table below. You can't adjust the collar bigger than the maximum size but you can adjust it smaller by removing spikes and tightening the collar.

To choose a size measure the circumference of your dogs neck and then select the collar that has a maximum size at least as large what you measured. You can always select a size larger than what you need - and then just remove spikes. And if you wish the collar was wider you can always get two collars and put them both on at the same time.

Collar Size Spikes Maximum Size (neck circumference) Width
Small 10 12" 3/4"
Medium 12 14" 1"
Large 15 17" 1"

Note: If you want black chrome spikes instead of the standard silver chrome spikes just let us know in your order notes - please be specific about which products you want to have black spikes. *Black Chrome spikes only has a very slight hue of Black. Not much difference in color. The hard plastic spikes are chrome-plated, lightweight, and waterproof.