Throat Guard

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Most of the time a coyote attacks a smaller dog by surprise and grabs the smaller dog from the back of the neck. The CoyoteVest is designed to protect against this scenario and makes it very unlikely that your dog will be instantly killed or captured. But if your dog is submissive, once they understand there is a conflict, they might just roll over and lay on their back. This can also happen when a submissive dog is attacked by a larger domestic dog -- the smaller dog submits by laying on its back. If this happens the attacker will usually go for the exposed throat and attempt to deliver a fatal injury as quickly as possible.

If you are concerned about this scenario we offer the CoyoteVest Throat Guard to help protect your dogs throat. You put the Throat Guard on before the CoyoteVest and it adds another row of spikes to the bottom of your dogs neck. The extra spikes do not affect the comfort of the vest and they give you extra security knowing that it will be very difficult for an attacker to bite your dog in the throat.

The Throat Guard is very comfortable for your dog to wear and is adjustable to get a perfect snug fit. The Throat Guard is made from a sturdy nylon strap with a plastic snap buckle and removable hard plastic spikes that are chrome-plated,  lightweight, and waterproof. It comes with enough spikes to cover the lower portion of the neck and if necessary you can simply take one or two of the spikes off or change the spacing any way you like. 

 Sizing Chart

Throat Guard Size Spikes Neck Circumference
Small 4 6" - 11"
Medium 6 12" - 16"

Measure your dog around the neck.