Shelter Support Program

Shelters Started Our Story

CoyoteVest would not even exist if not for the hard work and dedication of our local animal shelters and rescue organizations. That’s because all of our dogs were rescued by the shelter system. If they had not been picked up and cared for by an animal shelter, Sparky, Buffy, Cooper, Scooter, and Cody would have never entered our lives. It’s hard to image how they ended up in the animal shelter because to us they are the most precious angels and beloved members of our family. We owe everything to the people that cared for them before we arrived. So we have created the Shelter Support Program as a way to give back and show our appreciation.

How CoyoteVest Can Help

It’s common for two dogs to have their first meeting at an animal shelter. Perhaps a family already has a dog and they want to adopt a second dog. The first step is to test the dogs with each other and see if they get along. Of course everyone wants to keep the dogs safe, but even with both dogs on leashes one quick bite can be very dangerous. Our SpikeVest is a great tool that can be used to help protect the dogs during these meet and greets. 

Shelters also need to care for the dogs and keep them healthy with physical activity. Our SpikeVest can be used to help protect dogs while they are out on walks. 

How To Apply

With our Shelter Support Program any eligible* animal shelter can receive one free SpikeVest**. If you are an authorized representative of your shelter please click here to fill out an application.

Animal Shelters We Support


Franklin County Sheriff's Office
Regional Dog Shelter
10 Sandy Lane
Turners Falls MA 01376