International Orders

Here at CoyoteVest we understand our products are needed all over the world. Along the way we've learned that using USPS for international shipping frequently leads to lost packages. And conventional shipping services like UPS and DHL cause problems with unexpected customs and brokerage fees. So we're taking steps to improve our ability to reliably ship to any destination.

Currently we're working with two different companies named Hermes BorderGuru and GlobalShopEx that both specialize in global logistics. You can choose which one you want to use by selecting our normal "Checkout" button or our new "International Checkout" button.

If you select our normal "Checkout" button and your shipping destination is outside the U.S. you will be able to select the "BorderGuru" shipping option. This option will show the total cost of delivery including any customs fees in U.S. dollars. In this case CoyoteVest will be taking your order as usual and sending you confirmation and BorderGuru tracking information. We will deliver your package to a BorderGuru hub and they will deliver it to you.

If you select the "International Checkout" button you will be using the GlobalShopEx checkout page that offers a localized checkout experience and includes currency conversion, total landed costs, international payment processing and international customer support. In this case your order will actually be placed with GlobalShopEx and they will send you an order confirmation and tracking info. They will then place an order with CoyoteVest on your behalf. We will send your package to the GlobalShopEx hub and they will deliver it to you. 

Please Note: When you select "International Checkout" and use GlobalShopEx to place your order you are creating an account with GlobalShopEx and they will send you an email confirmation and tracking information and will be your point of contact for customer service. You will not receive any email from CoyoteVest and you will not have an account on -- if you try to logon to with your GlobalShopEx account it will not work.