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These large scary eyes are designed to frighten predators and help prevent attacks from birds of prey. The eyes are printed onto flexible plastic that attaches with Velcro strips and they can be placed anywhere on a CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, or HawkShield. The idea is that a raptor will be able to see these large eyes from a great distance and will be dissuaded from even considering an attack. Please note this is an experimental idea and we're not exactly sure how effective it is.

But we are sure that large birds of prey pose a serious threat to both small pets -- and to airplanes. The prospect of a large raptor taking your small dog, or being sucked into the engine of the airplane you're riding on -- are both really bad. For the latter case, avian research scientists have discovered that "looming eyes" are an effective way to keep large raptors away from airports. Our goal with this product is to replicate those results with a product that is lightweight and practical for your dog to wear.

The eye images are printed on waterproof vinyl decals that are attached to a light weight plastic sheet with double sided Velcro. Shipping on this item is free, (Domestic Only, First Class envelope. Note: Does not include a tracking number) so if you want to order this item alone we will refund the shipping charges.