The CoyoteVest is working

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The CoyoteVest is working

I'm happy to report that we have been operating now for almost two years! My gosh the time has gone by fast -- probably because we are working so doggone hard to keep up with demand and deliver top quality products. But we love doing it and it always feels great to see how much our work is appreciated.

We certainly have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Of course people also love to share their opinions about CoyoteVest on our Facebook page. Although overwhelmingly positive, occasionally we hear from individuals who think the CoyoteVest won't work or that, even worse, we are purposely trying to scam the public. When we read stuff like that it does not feel great. But someone wise once said that if you're not upsetting somebody then your idea must not be very interesting. It seems there are a lot of self-proclaimed coyote experts out there and not everyone agrees with our approach.

In that regard I guess I am also somewhat of a self-proclaimed coyote expert now. I have read every article and academic paper I can find. I have looked at hundreds of pictures of dogs that have been attacked by coyotes. I've heard story after story and spoken to veterinarians and biologists and done as much testing as I possibly can. I personally watched a coyote kill my dog Buffy. To this day I sit around and think about the behavior of coyotes and aggressive dogs all the time. And this is not just theoretical stuff -- we are out in coyote territory all the time and there is nothing more important to me than the safety of our three remaining dogs.

So I'm going to take some time and write a few articles that describe how and why the CoyoteVest works and hopefully address some of the common concerns and misconceptions. I want to explain why we did certain things and did not do other things. It will be nice to have some articles that we can point to when someone says "it doesn't protect the head" or "coyotes always go for the throat", etc. I have so much to say about these topics I just need to write it all down.

The first thing I want to start off saying is that so far the CoyoteVest has been 100% effective. Thousands of dogs are now wearing a CoyoteVest and not a single one of them has been injured. There have been situations where a dog wearing the CoyoteVest was surrounded by coyotes and they did not attack. And there have been many times when aggressive dogs have tried to dominate and bite - only to discover it is just impossible with the spikes - the attack ends instantly and there is no story to tell.

So it seems the CoyoteVest really is working the way I had hoped it would and in the next few posts I am going to try and explain why.

-- Paul Mott