Pee Lights

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If you have coyotes near your home it can be dangerous just letting your dog out at night to do their business. So that's a really good time to be using a vest and keeping a close eye out for trouble.  By adding one or more of these lights to the top of the vest you can make sure predators clearly see the CoyoteSpikes and CoyoteWhiskers on the vest and it will help you see where your dog is.

We also include a 3" Velcro strap so you can attach these lights to any standard pet collar (including the CoyoteVest collar).  When you place a Pee light at the bottom of the collar it effectively becomes a headlight for your dog. Our dogs really like having the ground lit up underneath them so they can see everything clearly in the dark. 

These quality LED tea lights were originally designed to add a decorative touch to party decor, flower vases, floral arrangements, and so on. They're completely waterproof and only weigh a half an ounce. We added some quality Velcro to the back and renamed them pee lights -- so they can help protect your dog when they go out to pee at night. They are powered by two CR-2032 watch batteries that will last about 48 hours -- and we include a second set of brand new batteries so you will be ready when you need to replace them.

These bright lights attach anywhere to the Velcro on top of the CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, or HawkShield and they are small enough to be placed right in the middle of CoyoteWhiskers. We also include a 3" Velcro strap that you can wrap around almost any pet collar and then you can attach the light to that strap.

To turn the lights on and off you simply twist the cap. We offer them in your choice of six solid colors or a rainbow style that will cycle through all the colors.