LED Safety Light

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If you have coyotes near your home it can be dangerous just letting your dog out at night to do their business. So that's a really good time to be using a vest and keeping a close eye out for trouble. But sometimes it can be difficult to know where your dog is in the dark -- unless they have some of these LED safety lights on -- then you will know exactly where they are. And if a coyote does appear there is a good chance they will hesitate before choosing to attack a bright light.

These quality LED safety lights were originally designed to be used as an armband for nighttime cycling or jogging. They are a little bit heavier (1.5oz) than our original LED flashers but they are more rugged and sealed in silicone rubber for water resistance. They attach to the CoyoteVest or SpikeVest with Velcro and you can put one on top of the vest or one on each side of the vest -- you can mix and match as you please. We include a separate piece of Velcro that makes it easy to hang the LED under the spike strips on the back of the vest. You can even use these with a HawkShield.

Available in four colors that light up brightly in the darkness, these safety lights use a simple push-button control that lets you choose from flashing or steady on. The LED is rated to operate for up to 96 hours with a set of replaceable watch batteries, and we include a second set of brand new batteries so you will have them ready when you need them.