Harness Kit

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The CoyoteVest and SpikeVest both come with a D-ring for leash attachment. This D-Ring is sewn into the vest near the back of the neck and it works like a normal collar. But if you prefer, our Harness Kit can be used to add a new D-ring further down the back and make  the vest work more like a harness.

The Harness Kit attaches the new D-ring to the back of a CoyoteVest or SpikeVest with a wide Velcro band and does not require any openings that would compromise the safety of the vest. Our testing shows that the Velcro band can withstand pulling forces which greatly exceed the weight of the dog wearing it. But just to be extra safe, the new relocated D-ring is attached to the original sewn in D-ring with a safety strap -- just like safety chains on a trailer hitch. So in the unlikely event that the Velcro does not hold, the leash will still be attached to the original sewn in D-ring.

You can continue to use any accessories you have mounted on the back of the vest but you may need to rearrange things to accommodate the new leash placement.  You cannot use the Harness Kit on a HawkShield which is purposely designed to release easily. 

Use the chart below to select the correct size for your CoyoteVest or SpikeVest. Note that the size Extra Small Harness Kit fits both XXS and XS vest.  At this time we do not offer a Harness Kit for large vests. 

Size Chart:
CoyoteVest / SpikeVest Harness Kit
Mini XXS Extra Small (XS)
Extra Small Extra Small (XS)
Small Small (S)
Medium Medium (M)
Large Not Available

Note: Vest is not included. This is an accessory for a CoyoteVest or SpikeVest which is purchased separately.