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The perfect solution is one that prevents an attack from ever happening. That's the outcome we really want, so we looked to nature for inspiration and developed an accessory that adds bright nylon bristles to the top of the vest. We call them CoyoteWhiskers and their purpose is to intimidate and encourage predators to look for an easier and more familiar target. 

The CoyoteWhiskers (accessory, doesn't include the vest) are very lightweight and they attach to the top of the CoyoteVest or SpikeVest with Velcro. They're actually just flexible nylon bristles that are not dangerous at all – but a predator doesn’t know that. For all they know the bristles might be razor sharp and poison tipped – the opposite of an easy meal. *The CoyoteWhiskers are to be used specifically with CoyoteVest Pet Body Armor products.

While the CoyoteWhiskers won't actually hurt anyone or impair mobility, they're stiff enough to irritate the eyes and mouth of an attacker. Imagine trying to eat your dinner, with your hands tied behind your back, and these bristles were sticking out of the plate – it would be hard to do! 

The CoyoteWhiskers are available in different color combinations and it's fun choosing the look you want. You can find many pictures of vests with CoyoteWhiskers on our Instagram feed and our Facebook page

CoyoteWhiskers come as a kit that you can assemble with a diagram & instructions.  Assembly is fun, simple and takes about 20 minutes to feed the whiskers into cups that hold them in place. Read the assembly instructions here. 

Mini, XSmall, Small, and Medium CoyoteVests/SpikeVests all use the same size CoyoteWhiskers. *One Size fits all.

The CoyoteWhiskers listed here are sold in a set of 4. If you need just one for a SpikeHarness or to replace one that is damaged or lost you can order a single CoyoteWhisker here.  You can also look under accessories, single whisker.