Easy Spikes

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Easy Spikes are sold in packages of six. Simply order the number of packages you need to get the amount you need. 

In just minutes you can turn any ordinary collar into a spiked collar with Easy Spikes. You just fold the heavy-duty self-sticking wrap around the collar wherever you want a spike and it will remain firmly attached. You can attach the spikes side-by-side to create a custom collar or harness with exactly the number of spikes you want. The wrap works like Velcro and makes it easy to remove or re-position the spikes anytime you choose.

So if you want an everyday collar that is super comfortable and super easy to take on and off -- just like a normal nylon collar with a plastic snap buckle -- then convert that normal collar into a battle ready Coyote Collar! Each Easy Spike is 1" wide, so if the collar your dog is wearing right now is 12" long -- you can convert it into a Coyote Collar with 12 easy spikes -- by yourself in just a few minutes.

You can also use Easy Spikes anywhere you want extra protection. For example you can enhance throat protection by attaching Easy Spikes to the nylon collar that comes with the CoyoteVest. 

Each Easy Spike includes a 1" chrome-plated hard plastic spike attached to a 1" x 3" strip of heavy duty wrap that attaches like Velcro. The spike is lightweight, strong, and won't rust. The wrap is soft and comfortable yet sturdy enough to hold the spike firmly upright and long enough to fold around collars or straps up to 1" wide. For smaller width collars you just trim off the ends of the wrap with scissors.