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Our amazing CoyoteDazzler is just about the coolest thing you've ever seen on a dog. These bright LED lights can emit wild intense light patterns that will definitely intimidate a predator and make your dog much safer at night. In addition to being a practical safety accessory these lights are really beautiful and fun! They're perfect for the holidays or any special occasion when you want your dog to be the center of attention. 

The CoyoteDazzler is constructed with multiple LED lights mounted on a strip. Each of the LED's is independent and can produce any color. A small controller connects to the LEDs and commands them to display amazing dynamic patterns of light. The kit includes a small rechargeable battery, a controller, and two RGB LED strips that easily attach to the back of a CoyoteVest, SpikeVest, or BullyVest. 

You also get an app (software) for your smart phone that allows you to easily control the lights and tell them exactly what colors or patterns you want them to display.  Using this app you can choose any color in the rainbow and control the overall brightness of the LEDs.  You can also choose from 256 different repeating patterns that automatically change the LED's in a colorful sequence. You can adjust the speed of the patterns from very slow to very fast.  Here is a sample of some of the patterns:

The small rechargeable battery is capable of keeping the LED's glowing for up to two hours. Of course the actual time you experience varies based on the number or LED's on and how bright they are. For example if you choose a pattern that has all the lights on all the time, and you set the brightness to maximum, the battery will drain faster than it would if the pattern only has a couple of lights on at a time and the brightness is turned down.  If you need more time can purchase a second battery and have it ready to plug in if the first battery runs down. 

  • Bluetooth App Control, IOS 10.0 or Android 4.4 or later Edition required(Bluetooth 4.0 or later version). 60' long distance remote control, easy to use.
  • Brightness/Color/Pattern adjustable, with 120 kinds of dynamic color change modes and static colors that are vivid and beautiful. Color hue, brightness and speed are adjustable. 

The CoyoteDazzler is really spectacular and we wanted it for our dogs and we know many of our customers will want one too. You've probably seen these type of low power RGB light strips before since they are commonly used by hobbyists to light up anything and everything from a bicycle to a house. We've used the same technology to create a simple, lightweight, and rugged CoyoteDazzler kit that is ready to go and safe for your dog to wear. You'll be able to pop it on your vest in just a moment and start enjoying the instant safety and fun!

 Please Note: This product does contain electric parts that could be very harmful if ingested. It's really important that your do not allow your pets or children to chew on the light strips or the battery. 

How To Attach The CoyoteDazzler To Your CoyoteVest/SpikeVest