Shark Tank!

Shark Tank -

Shark Tank!

When our Dog Buffy was killed by a coyote back in 2014 it was the worst day of my life. I'll never forget how helpless I felt. Since then we've been 100% focused and absolutely serious about finding the best solution to ensure that it never happens to us again.

At the time we didn't really understand what a big problem coyotes, birds of prey, and aggressive dogs are. We didn't realize how many people are deeply concerned for the safety of their precious fur babies. We didn't think our crazy ideas were going to get much attention. I mostly thought we might get teased for looking silly -- but at least our problem would be solved and that's all we wanted.

But since the first day we walked out of the house with a CoyoteVest prototype we have gotten nothing but attention, starting in our own neighborhood and eventually spreading all over the world. We really struck a nerve with our story and our solution. The extraordinary amount of media coverage we've received has caused our little company to grow faster than anyone could've imagined.

And so now, 5 years later, our journey to becoming a household name has reached it's obvious conclusion -- CoyoteVest will be on Shark Tank! What an amazing journey it has been, and what a huge opportunity for more people to learn about our young company and our mission to help save lives. It  took a lot of work and a lot of courage and I'm very proud that we actually did it. 

So please remember to tune in to ABC on Sunday May 12th and find out what the Sharks think about our crazy idea. We will be appearing in the season finale of season 10 and our pitch is really exciting and fun -- I guarantee we made some great TV! Trust me you don't want to miss it...

-- Paul