If your looking for the ultimate spiked collar then look no further.  Our SpikeHarness is great for walking your dog on a leash and it provides some serious protection for your dogs neck. The design is secure and comfortable and perfect for everyday use. It works by covering the neck with stab resistant material and a formidable array of 1" spikes. The spikes will make an aggressive dog think twice before they try to grab your little one by the neck.

The SpikeHarness features a two-piece design that is adjustable and easy to put on and take off. The top and bottom pieces attach together with Velcro and then the harness can be slipped over the head easily. Or if your dog doesn't like that, you can just separate the Velcro and take the harness off from the side -- it's your choice.

Of course the SpikeHarness includes a full set of removable chrome spikes*. They're made from very hard plastic and not dangerous to handle, but with enough pressure they're sharp enough to hurt. The spikes provide an important line of defense but Velcro makes them easy to remove whenever you want. And just in case you want it the SpikeHarness has a Velcro pad where you can mount a single CoyoteWhisker.

The SpikeHarness is entirely constructed with a super tough puncture resistant Cordura® fabric that can resist sharp canine teeth. There's a D-ring for connecting your leash and reflective features that make your dog more visible at night. It's water repellent and there are no metal parts that can rust. It's hand-washable with a mild detergent.

Please be aware that even though the Velcro works well it could be less secure than snap buckles if not used properly.

*Color topper may fade overtime in sun. Please note that the fluorescent orange fabric will fade quicker due to the yellow and orange hues. This color change does not impact the quality or effectiveness of the vest (fading similar to hunters vest, hats and safety vest.)  

 Choosing a Size

Choosing the correct size harness is easy -- the most important thing is the circumference of your dog's neck. The waist is adjustable but if you order a harness that is too tight or too loose around the neck it will not fit properly and you will need to exchange it. If your purchasing as a gift we do offer gift cards that can help keep your secret. 


 Size Neck Chest
Medium 13" - 15" 15" - 20"
Small 11" - 13" 13" - 17"
X-Small 10" - 12" 10" - 14"



*XS, XXS/Mini harness have 1 row of collar spikes.