Matching Harness

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The CoyoteVest is compatible with most simple step-through harnesses. It's just a matter of putting the harness on after the vest. You must still use a collar with the vest in order to secure it around your dogs neck, but if you prefer a harness can be used for the leash attachment.

If your looking for a new harness that is proven to work well with the CoyoteVest, these will do the trick. A smaller version is available here.

We wanted to do more than just provide a basic harness, so we made them in bright day-glow colors that match the CoyoteWhiskers. You can mix-and-match our bright colors any way you like! We also added a reflective safety strip so your dog will be more visible at night. 

And to make our harness even nicer we include a matching rope leash. This colorful leash is heavy and sturdy enough that it could be used to fend off an attacking coyote or dog at close range.

Sizing Chart

Harness Size Chest Size Webbing
Small 10" - 15.5" 5/8"
Large 14" - 21.5" 3/4"
XLG - Big Dogs 16" - 28" 1"

Measure dog without vest on to get accurate measurements. Measure the circumference of your dog’s body behind the front legs and around.