LED Collar

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When you and your dog are outside in the dark these flexible LED collars will make sure your best friend is highly visible. They can be used alone or with the CoyoteVest and are are available in bright colors so you can mix and and match any way you prefer.

Our LED collars are available in seven bright colors that look great in the daytime or nighttime. When it gets dark a simple push-button control lets you choose from slow flashing, fast flashing, or steady on. Each flasher comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB cord that allows the collar to be recharged anytime.

Sizing Chart (Using collar with CoyoteVest)

Neck Circumference Collar Size
8.5" - 11.5" Extra Small
11.5" - 15" Small

Sizing Chart (Wearing collar by itself)

Neck Circumference Collar Size
10.5" - 13.5" Extra Small
13.5" - 17" Small