CoyoteSpikes 2017

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Help prevent an attack

The CoyoteVest has built in spikes that will protect your dogs neck during a surprise attack. Faced with this reality, if a coyote wants to mortally wound your dog and carry it away it will likely go for the body. We developed CoyoteSpikes to protect your dogs body just the same as the neck. They attach to the sides of the CoyoteVest and if a larger dog tries to clamp down on your dog the spikes will bite back!

(Note: You don't need to purchase these with the new 2018 CoyoteVest because it already includes a set of CoyoteSpikes.  These are still available as an option for the 2017 CoyoteVest.) 

Yikes! Lots of Spikes!

The CoyoteSpikes are made from two Velcro strips that each have numerous 1" spikes placed 1" apart. The chrome plated, hard plastic spikes are lightweight, waterproof, and rustproof. They look very aggressive and people will know right away that your dog is in full battle mode.

Prevent an attack with CoyoteSpikes

Velcro mounting makes it easy to add or remove the CoyoteSpikes from the CoyoteVest. When there is real danger just slap on the CoyoteSpikes and know that it will be extremely difficult for a coyote to pick up your dog and run away with it.

CoyoteSpikes are an effective way to prevent a body bite but there are some situations where they may not be practical. We do not recommend using CoyoteSpikes when your dog is actively playing with other dogs or children because there is a always a possibility that someone could get accidentally poked. If your dog likes to roll around on their back or tumbles frequently during play the spike strip may get knocked loose, or if your dog likes to rub against your shiny new car it may get scratched. Fortunately the Velcro mounts make it easy to remove the spikes whenever you don't want them.

The CoyoteSpikes are available in different sizes, please choose the correct size for your CoyoteVest:

CoyoteVest CoyoteSpikes
Large* Medium or 2 sets of Mini
Medium Medium
Small Small
Extra Small Small
Mini Mini


Order a Single 12" strip If you want one additional spike strip to mount on the center of the vest - it can be cut to any size you need.

*With the large CoyoteVest you can choose partial coverage with one set of medium CoyoteSpikes or complete coverage with two sets of mini CoyoteSpikes. The picture of the Large Texas Tan CoyoteVest shows a side-by-side comparison.