LED Flasher

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When you and your dog are outside in the dark these flexible LED flashers will make sure your best friend is highly visible. The flasher attaches with Velcro and it's super easy to place them on a CoyoteVest. You might want one on top of the vest or maybe you want one on each side of the vest -- you can mix and match as you please.  You can also use these with a HawkShield to create an even stronger visual deterrent against birds of prey.

Our LED flashers are available in seven bright colors that look great in the daytime or nighttime. When it gets dark a simple push-button control lets you choose from slow flashing, fast flashing, or steady on. Each flasher comes with a replaceable watch battery that can power the LED for many hours.

There are two versions of the white flasher. The normal version works like the other colors (slow/fast/on) and is just white. The special version has a multi-color LED that cycles through a rainbow of colors as it is flashing.